The Connector, formerly known as Senior Services and the Chester Connector, has been serving Chester County in South Carolina since 1973. Chester County is a rural community located south of Rock Hill, SC with a high population of people in need. The Connector is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that was founded to meet the needs of the mental, social, spiritual, and physical welfare of the residents in the community.

In The Connector’s early days, the organization was known as Senior Services and focused on providing meals, services, and transportation for those 55+. Over its 50 years of existence, The Connector has evolved to focus more on the needs of the entire population. Today, The Connector is committed to solving transportation obstacles for all ages 12 and up.

In recent years, The Connector has shifted its entire mission to offering what is known as demand response transportation. Anyone 12 and older is eligible to utilize these low-cost, safe transportation services operating Monday-Friday, and Saturday for Chester to Chester trips.

The nonprofit is funded by several organizations and currently 15 vans running an average of 170 tips each day. While the organization started with the goal of providing transit within Chester County, it has grown to support neighboring communities including Union County and continues to expand its services.

The Connector exists to provide transportation and access to essential services for the underserved in communities in Chester and Union Counties.

The Connector is well-equipped and staffed to be your local, go-to resource for all your non-emergency transportation needs. We value service, humanity, access, independence, joy, and community.